Sample Probing or Discovery Questions You Might Ask a LOB Manager

Sample Probing or Discovery Questions You Might Ask a LOB Manager
1. What would be the business impact if you were to be able to:

a. Handle all calls in your company uniformly?
b. Ensure a consistent brand image everywhere?
c. Increase self‐service for common requests?
d. Use the right agents and skills to handle calls from anywhere?
e. Easily provide workgroups with different applications they need?
f. Provide rich communications to home workers and small remote offices?
g. Increase first‐call‐resolution rates?
h. Connect Web buyers to local sales staff or partners?
i. Quickly connect local sales and distribution staff with your service and Web operations?

2. How quickly do your customers become aware of systems going down, and are you able to quantify the business cost of downtime?
3. What are the revenue growth objectives for the company? What is the revenue per customer? Is it better to acquire new customers or increase your revenue per customer?
4. How do you reach your customers, and how do they reach you?
5. How satisfied are your customers with your current touchpoints? Are you gaining on your competition, or are they gaining on you?

6. What roadblocks keep your customers and employees from collaborating more effectively?

7. What has been your experience and success deploying the following unified commnucications
and collaboration strategies:

a. Unified messaging?
b. Video, Web, and audio conferencing?
c. Connecting remote branches and virtual offices?
d. Speech‐ and video‐enabled self‐service?
e. Enterprise‐wide reporting and analytics?
f. Future innovations and business integrations through third‐party developers?


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